Saturday, September 5, 2009

are Sharpie Crows actually Fat Freddy's Drop?


-Both bands are from Wellington.
-Most SC songs only use two chords. As do most FFD songs.
-Both bands have wanky instrumental passages.
-FFD use amateurish cartoons for their cover art; SC use amateurish lino cuts.
-Both bands self-release their records (though FFD actually end up in shops).
-FFD love bonding over some quality kaimoana with a gourmet twist. SC share kettle water for Earl Grey and Mi Goreng.

-FFD songs are really long. SC songs are mostly short.
-FFD's music should be listened to while cray fishing and hanging with your bros at the beach. SC's music should be listened to while smuggling a cask of Country Red into the library and passing out under the photocopier.
-FFD have internet fans who harass Simon Sweetman for not liking FFD and hating on kiwi music bro. SC have Nick Fulton.

Verdict: There are some similarities and some differences. They are probably not the same band, maybe twins but probably not because there are way more people in FFD.

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