Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ben Harper smells like jocks doing Commerce degrees.
Tool smells like a libertarian no-mates with a superiority complex.
Cat Stevens smells like inappopriate touching by a primary school teacher.
nu-metal smells like toejams.
pop-country smells like stale pork crackling and Twink.
alt-country smells like boredom and beard clippings.
The Beatles smell like a vintage speedboat, except for the later albums, when they smell like a repossessed yacht.
The Smiths smell like nitrous oxide, pumped through a damp Axminster carpet.
aussie rock smells like cheap port.
The Fall smells like cigarettes and typewriter ribbons.
The Skeptics smell like wet granite and fresh meat.

what do Sharpie Crows smell like?

my guess: burning hair and hummus.

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